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Toy of the Year 2022

Numbers for learning to count and Alphabet with Braille system awarded in the 2022 Toy of the Year competition! Another product from our studio received an honorable mention in this prestigious event. I’ll admit that we didn’t expect it, as there were many interesting and innovative brands with unique toys in the competition this year…. continue reading

Milin x British Vogue

W ostatnim kwartale Brytyjski Vogue zaprosił nas do współpracy, w ramach której nasze zabawki pojawiły się w selekcji Magic of Imagination pośród innych pięknych marek. Nie ukrywamy, że jest to dla nas duże wyróżnienie i bardzo dziękujemy za tę możliwość. Przybliżę Wam pokrótce tematy wydań, w których pojawiły się milinowe twory. OCTOBER ISSUE 2022 Timothée… continue reading

Milin Toys – certified materials

Milin are educational toys made of safe certified materials From plywood to paper everything is thought of with us! And this is what we would like to talk more about. All our toys are made in our family manufactory, which is located in Tarnow (near Krakow) and is a typical Polish town where time passes... continue reading