Numbers for learning to count and Alphabet with Braille system awarded in the 2022 Toy of the Year competition!

Another product from our studio received an honorable mention in this prestigious event.

I’ll admit that we didn’t expect it, as there were many interesting and innovative brands with unique toys in the competition this year.

We are even more pleased that simple, educational toys are appreciated! 🙂

In the link below you will find more about the toy:

A few words about the contest taken from the organizer’s website:

Toy of the Year is

  • The most prestigious competition in Poland
  • A quality mark that helps parents choose smart and safe toys that stimulate their children’s development
  • It’s also to spark a social discussion about the importance of play in a child’s life

What are the evaluation criteria

  • Safety and workmanship – the type of materials used in production, the solidity of the entire structure, the resistance of the toy to damage, the absence of hazardous substances and elements
  • Functionality – fitting individual parts and adapting the whole to the small user, compatibility with other products, multifunctionality
  • Toy idea – innovation, original idea, ecological approach
  • Influence on child development – stimulating child development, encouraging creative thinking, influencing child’s emotional, social, intellectual development
  • Design – child-friendly colors, attractive design.
  • Description of the toy – actual adjustment to the age suggested by the manufacturer or distributor.

Objectives of the competition

Twice a year the most valuable toys of the season are selected. The toys are tested and evaluated for their educational value, build quality, functionality and safety.


You can read more about the products on our website here:

Once again, many thanks to the Jury for the award!