299 zł brakuje w koszyku, abyśmy posadzili w Twoim imieniu drzewo!


We designed the furniture in a modern style, and we added upholstery to the armchairs.

The upholstery has the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certificate, and the material from which we make toys is the highest quality plywood, which is produced with respect for the forest environment, animals, plants and people – which is confirmed by the FSC® certificate.

The set includes 10 elements:
– upholstered sofa 12,0 x 6,0 x 6,5
– upholstered bedroom bed 7,5 x 11 x 12
– chest of drawers 10,5 x 8,0 x 5,0
– wardrobe 12,0 x 3,5 x 5,0
– 3 upholstered armchairs 5,5 x 6,5 x 5,0
– 2 coffee tables 8,0 x 8,0 x 3,5
– 1 table

Delivery time up to 5 business days.

FSC®, OEKO-TEX®, CE, EN71, 3+

Information about our company

We are a Polish company that creates wooden toys. We want our products to entertain and educate children. This sentence contains the entire philosophy of our company. The weaves develop creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.

Our toys are dedicated to conscious parents who are looking for ecological, educational toys made of the highest quality materials.

Children should learn by playing and have fun while teaching, we know it, which is why we designed all toys with this in mind.

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions51 × 36 × 8 cm

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